Singapore Badminton National Age Group Ranking System

By World Champ Marketing

1. Description:

1.1. The Singapore Badminton National Age Group Ranking systems reflects a player’s performance in tournament plays.

1.2. This system determines the player’s seeding for all World Champ Marketing (WCM) nominated competitions.

1.3. Ranking points will be computed and published on WCM’s website ( after every completed official tournament.

2. Participants:

2.1. Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and individuals residing and/or studying in Singapore with valid student passes are eligible to be included in the ranking system.

2.2. Only participants aged 13 and below will be included in this ranking system.

2.3. Overseas participants will not be included in this ranking system.

3. Validity:

3.1. Competitions organized by WCM or otherwise stated.

4. Point System:

4.1. The ranking system is based on a compilation of results of tournaments that are organised by WCM over a 52-week (1 year) period and is a cumulative system. A player’s ranking is determined by his or her results at these tournaments, and points are awarded based on how far a player advances in each tournament.

4.2. Players will be ranked according to his ranking points. A player with higher ranking points will be ranked above a player with lower ranking points.

5. Rating Points Principles:

5.1. Rating points are awarded to singles players according to how far they progressed in the draw of a particular tournament.

5.2. There will be no rating points for Team events and Doubles event.

5.3. Number of rating points awarded is related to the event and category participated.

5.4. Rating points gained from a particular tournament in the previous year would be valid until the run of the same competition in the current year is over. Should the competition not be organized in the current year, the points will stay valid only for a period of 12 months. (For example, if player A gained 300 points from Pilot Pen in June 2017, the points will expire at the end of June 2018 Pilot Pen competition. If the event is canceled, the points will expire as of June 2018. However, if the competition is postponed to September 2018, then the points will be valid between June to September 2018.

5.5. If a player participates in more than 1 event in the competition, rating points will only be applicable to his own age group category. No rating points will be awarded to the other categories (E.g. 10 years old participates in U11 & U13, only points for the U11 will be awarded).

5.6. If a player:

5.6.1. Had a bye in the first round and lost in the second round – they receive second round loser’s points;

5.6.2. Had a bye in the first round, won in the second round and lost in the third round, they receive third round loser’ points;

5.6.3. Had a bye in the first round, walk over in the second round and lost in the third round – they receive third round loser’s points.

6. Classification of Tournaments:

6.1. Tournaments will be classified into different tiers according to the estimated level of play.

6.2. The amount of rating points will differ from tier to tier.

7. Seeding: 

7.1. Players’ seeding in the age group events will be based on the accumulated ranking points gained by the player in his/her age group till date.

8. Points List:

8.1. If 2 or more players have identical points, then the player who has played in the most tournaments will be ranked higher.

8.2. If players have identical points and have played in the identical number of tournaments, then these players are ranked equally.

9. Tournaments involved in the Ranking Classification: 

9.1. Global EduHub Championships – Tier 2

– March School Holidays

9.2. Pilot Pen Championships – Tier 1

– June School Holidays

– Involves overseas participation

9.3. Temasek Club Badminton Championships – Tier 1/2

– End-of-Year School Holidays

* Any other tournaments will be classified accordingly and announced to the public in the Prospectus of the tournament.

10. Rating Points Table: 

10.1. The tables that follow show the points awarded in all WCM-nominated competitions for the different tiers:

Tier 1: Higher points allocated

Tier 2: Lower points allocated

10.2. The rating points of the players will increase exponentially from the initial stage to the eventual winner.


11. The ranking system will be used to:

11.1. Invite players for selection trials into the National Intermediate Squad (NIS);

11.2. Determine participation in international age group tournaments;

11.3. Determine participation in badminton leagues for different points ranking players;

11.4. Invite players for overseas training camps and programs, and more.

*Please note that selection criteria are at the sole discretion of WCM.

12. WCM reserves the right to amend the ranking system regulations, at their sole discretion, after every competition is completed. The decision made by WCM shall be deemed as final.


Last Updated: 11 July 2018