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Analyze Your Badminton Game

Coollang Xiaoyu 2.0 is one of the most advanced activity trackers specially made for the badminton sport, carefully calibrated to sense your movements and record your sports data so that you can continuously improve your game.

It is built on Koospur’s newly developed hardware platform with advanced motion-capture algorithms that can identify different stroke techniques and racket swing speed.


Connect and Start Tracking

It’s easy to use Coollang Xiaoyu 2.0. Attach the small device to the base of your racket, connect it to the Intelligent Badminton app on your smartphone using Bluetooth and just watch how data of your game is collected.

The Xiaoyu 2.0 app supports iOS 8/Android 4.3 and above.

Download Intelligent Badminton on App Store:

Download Intelligent Badminton on Google Play:

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Evaluate Your Performance

Understand your game with performance charts on Coollang Xiaoyu 2.0 that are easy to navigate and intuitive to the mind. It does not matter if you change your racket, as long as the device is attached and turned on.

The data is stored securely in the cloud server of Coollang and is user-based, so you need not worry about losing your data. Find out how many smashes you have made, whether you are a Balanced or Offensive player or even the number of calories burnt in a session.

Efficient and Colourful Device

Coollang Xiaoyu 2.0. is an efficient motion sensor with a short 90-minute Charging Time, Usage Time of 6 hours and 30 hours of Standby Time.

Material: Allergy-free silastic, PC polymer

Size: 30*20*8.7(mm)

Weight: 5.5g

Colours: Black / Blue / Red / Yellow

Price: SGD68.00

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